Torqeedo - Highest Performance using latest technologies

Highest overall efficiency on the market
Torqeedo motors convert the existing battery capacity up to twice as efficient into propulsion as onventional outboards.

Most advanced rechargeable battery systems
Torqeedo uses lithium-manganese high-performance batteries - the safest of all lithium-based battery systems. These possess an extremely high energy density, deliver high current, and are safe and maintenance-free.

Efficiency turned into power
Torqeedo sets new standards in terms of power and efficiency with the latest generation of highly-efficient, electronically commutated torque motors.

Superior propeller technology
The characteristic Variable-Pitch-Variable-Camber (VPVC) propeller has been specially calculated for the high-performance torque of Torqeedo Torque motors using methods of commercial navigation. It translates the power of the motors into propulsive power at the highest level of efficiency.